How to play slots using online casino app

Online casino app for iOS and Android

Many online casinos come with their own mobile apps, offering even easier and more convenient way to interact with gambling entertainment. Trends in recent years indicate a growing market for mobile devices, so only outsiders do not offer online casino app (Android or iOS).

You can choose any application to your taste, and install on your mobile gadget to keep your favorite slots at hand.

Where to find online casino real money app

If you are looking for a mobile casino app, we recommend viewing the sites of popular online casinos. Most often, they post download links. There are also detailed instructions for installing the application, registration, financial transactions and more.

You can get the link by scanning the QR code. This is the easiest way to install online casino app to your tablet or smartphone.

Another way is to go to the app store (Android or iOS). Since these platforms apply a strict policy for checking hosted applications, you are always sure that you are downloading licensed and absolutely safe software.

Downloading the best online casino app, you get more opportunities for gambling entertainment:

  • Improved security. Playing mobile applications is much safer than using a computer or web browser.
  • Freedom of your actions. You can play casino games at anytime, anywhere.
  • High speed. Mobile apps are fully compatible with your device and run absolutely smoothly.
  • Get money on the go. Imagine a situation when you hit the jackpot while on the bus. Now, this is possible thanks to the online casino app.
  • Generous bonuses. This area is still developing, so many casinos attract new mobile players with various bonuses.

Some popular slots for mobile devices

Playing for real money through an online casino app begins with registration and making a deposit. Also, you can get generous bonuses (learn about casino bonus programs).

  • Flash Cash Nascar is a slot with 30 paylines, a wide range of bets and a large x500 multiplier. This is a great themed game with simple rules and excellent chances to win.
  • 777 Slots is an application that you can download for Android right now. Here you will find everything you expect from gambling entertainment.
  • Pharaoh’s Way is a slot that iPhone or Apple iPad users can download. It plays well on devices with any screen diagonal. This is an interesting game that will suit fans of old-school slots.

How to choose and download free casino apps for Android

Mobile casinos have the brightest future. However, you can use them now — do it anytime, when you want, and not only when you are close to your beloved laptop. Simply, for gambling, use not a computer but free casino apps for Android. They can be installed from the site of the casino you prefer, or you can download them and play even when your Internet is off. Naturally, in the second variant, you will play just to get some fun and relaxation — the money cannot be earned in this case.

Free casino slot apps for Android are extremely popular with all — even people who never gambled use them. They just “kill” time when waiting for somebody or standing in the traffic jam. Very often (these applications that are installed do not need the Internet after the installation), people, who got into hospitals, take the fun of playing: it helps them forget about problems with health. Some of them later take a decision to gamble in reality and then, they manage to make good money.

Where to find free casino apps for Android

There are 2 ways to find free casino apps for Android — download an apk file or install casino’s software. The first one is to visit Google Play, choose there the games you really like, download their files and finish the installation. That’s it. You can start your free online casino journey. The only one minus here is that you will never earn.

Certainly, you will never lose, but risk sometimes brings good money. Free casino games apps for Android are created to “train” to gamble or simply spend time with pleasure. The second variant is to visit the site of the casino and install their software for your phone. If you do it, you can gamble making real bets in a real online casino, and finally, you will win.

How to start the real game

To start the game in a mobile casino you need a smartphone or tablet. The minimum requirement for a phone to play on it — it must have a color screen, GPRS Internet support, a browser, Java support. Such operations as registering and depositing money are more convenient if you use.

In addition, when depositing from a mobile phone, sometimes only bank cards or a shortened list of electronic wallets are available, while from a computer there is a complete set of input-output methods, including various payment systems.

The game for free

If you deal with free casino apps for Android, it is usually enough to enter the address of the main site, and if you enter from a mobile phone, you will immediately be sent to the appropriate version. Unfortunately, some operators began to block individual casino sites. Use the VPN in this case.

On the mobile casino site, you will see either the option to download and install casino software (Download) or play directly in the browser in the download version (Play Now) or maybe even a list of available games. But in any case, you need to register first.

Playing the best mobile games

When you deal with free casino apps for Android and want to start the game with no money yet, it is enough just to use a Spin button. You will see the rotation of the reels, and with time, you will understand how the slot works.

After it, you can use the other buttons like Bet, AutoPlay, +/-, etc. If you visited online casinos using your computer, everything looks the same here, but a bit simplified.

Types of mobile casino games

The list of games for mobile casinos is almost the same as for the computer. However, slots are more popular there.

Besides, you can deal with:

  • Live dealer games free casino apps for Android;
  • Craps;
  • Lotto;
  • Bingo;
  • Keno, etc.

The best mobile slots

These are the games which are chosen in traditional and online casinos, but some of them are “adapted” for Android:

  • Sega Slots. Different free casino apps for Android like Big Win;
  • Rating Slots. These are games with 13 paylines and simple graphics;
  • Coin Pirates. Cool game for those who love Pirate theme;
  • Farm and Gold. The game with a huge jackpot.